Sunday, May 19, 2013

Storage solutions - Markers

HI, so like alot if not all of you I have tons of supplies, and never enough room to put them all. I have tons of markers, and with Stampin Up having new "in colours" every year as well as the colour refresh thats happening again soon I need more room!
Yesterday I went shopping for this purpose, only to come home empty handed. I needed something that would be easily accessable and organised without sorting through them all. I sat at my desk and it dawned on me. I had it all along!
I have several of the large storage boxes which I use to store my clear mount stamps on top of my desk....the inserts which I didn't use were a perfect solution! I cut the strips into 4 long pieces and put them ontop of a few of the dividers on each insert and stacked them. You could store them vertically or horizontally.
 I only have 8 inserts, but the box could easily hold 11 inserts which could hold 220 markers!!
(This is how I plan to store my markers in my desk)
SU sells the inserts for AU$8.95 each, however if your smart like me :) and you spend AU$300 or more, you could get a large die box (worth $42.95) which includes 2 inserts OR 5 inserts for free.
Otherwise if that's not for you how about this:
              Ferrero Rocher box, the lids will hold 8        SU DVD case AU$9.95 for 4 will hold
              markers each row, or just store them all.       max 11 markers per case.

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