Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Delicate designs folder background

Get more out of your border folders by repeating across the card, lining up the edges as you go.
You want to start at the right edge and work your way back across the card.
Rolling through with the fold of the folder going through first.
However there is a little trick to them let me show you.
This is my first run through. I found that as I was moving across, the flat space in front of the design was pushing the previous embossing flat again. See how it is only slightly raised?
Still leaves a pretty impression, but not quite what I was after.
So this is my second attempt and look how beautiful it turned out! So how did I do it?
I used a diy "shim"out of cardstock which I used to cover the design only, creating more pressure where I wanted it. You will have to play a little bit to see what works with your embossing machine. I omited one of my plates and used 2 tan embossing matts which was the right thickness for me.
If it's too thick don't force it.
Mix it up, move your folders into each impression for different looks or use more than one folder.
Happy Embossing :)

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